Movie sound player or movie player and AU effects

  • I record a live speaker (capture to disk) and play back the voice (movie sound player or movie player) at the end of the record. No problem. But I want to change the sound with any AU effects and I don't find any way to make it because the movie player don't have audio output. can anybody help me.

    thank you

  • Dear Jean-François,

    There is no way to do this directly at the moment -- the Movie players do not have an 'audio' output that can go to the AU actors.
    What some users have done is to use Soundflower to do this. (See
    1) In Audio Midi Setup, set the default audio output to "Soundflower 2-Ch" 
    2) Use the Sound Input actor, and select "Soundflower 2-Ch" as the input.
    3) Pass audio through audio effects you wish to use.
    4) Use the "AudioDeviceOutput" actor to output the sound -- set the 'device' input to the audio device on which you wish to hear the sound. (E.g., "Built-in Output")
    So the sound goes like this: Movie -> Soundflower -> Sound Input Actor -> EFX -> Output Device
    and you'll hear the audio effects on the movie.
    Give this a try and see how it works for you.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,

    thank you very much for the fast answer

  • It works well for me. I had try before this solution before without success because I use it with the AU Varispeed and it don't work in this configuration. Only with AU Audio File Player. With AU Pitch or Distortion it works great.