• Hi everyone!

    I just updated to the latest Isadora USB version and I'm having a problem with new and old projects, no image is coming out on projectors. I get sound but it's all black. Does anyone know why and how to fix it? 

    Thank you!
  • Tech Staff


    Did you go into Isadora>Preferences> and assign a display to Stage 1?

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  • I am having the same issue. I have not used isadora in a year or so, i just updated and cannot get an image up on the stage at all. I've tried stills, colors, and movies. I just get a black stage. The only think I can get up there is the alignment grid. 

    I have assigned the stage to a display.

    In addition, I tried the Isadora sample files to make sure it was not something I am doing incorrectly here.

    My setup. Asus G750, W10, izzy 2.6.1 USB, gtx780m, latest NVIDIA drivers 397.93

  • Fixed it. I trashed the preferences (on windows in the %AppData%/Roaming/TroikaTronix folder and everythings works as it should.