New Kinects and Kineme Kinect Plugin

  • Hello All,

    It seems there's an issue with newer model Kinects, and various software out there. See this link for an example.

    I have a new Kinect that is also reporting a serial number of 0000000000000000 to NI Mate. But more importantly to me, it cannot be seen by the Kineme Kinect plugin. (See

    Does anyone have any guidance on these new Kinects and the Kineme plugin?

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,
    the NI-mate team claim they have resolved the problem in version v1.12, see bug-fixes here:
    the Kineme guys seem to be focusing on their new project:
    Best Stephan

  • Dear Stephan,

    Hmmmm.... a lot Isadora-like apps seem to be appearing these days. I'll be interested to see what they come up with.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    Its true.. in the case VUO the license isn't ideal for me..
    I have tested/played with some others, and what I see is that most are focused on multi-threaded GPU based execution. This makes sense for any new product, but having the legacy support for standard freeframe etc.. give Izzy the advantage of a larger palette of tools.
    And the coming support for FreeframeGL will push Isadora well beyond.
    As the Isadora community its important for us to publicize Isadora and our work with it..

  • I have a tutorial link here, for kinect into isadora using the kineme plugin.

    This method works very well and is stable, but the kineme plugin only works with the first version of the kinect camera. You can check the model number on the base. The first version number is 1414.
    The plugin does not work with the new kinect camera, model 1473\. (photo attached)
    I have a friend looking into writing a totally new plugin for it, but it may be some time off yet. Does anyone else have a solution? The latest version of NiMate does work with the Kinect model 1473\.  If you buy an NiMate license it unlocks demo version to allow streaming of the ghost image into Isadora as a Syphon stream, but that is quite an expensive solution considering that syphon is part of the open source paradigm. 


  • A new app called opentsps?

    I just found this link, which suggests that it works on Mac with the new kinect model 1473.
    Data is received inside the app called **Opentsps**, and can be output via OSC, therefore received in Isadora.  I don't have ti time to try this for a few days, but perhaps people can report back if it works for them?
    Here is the link they provide on the forum to download a version of opentsps for mac users and the new kinect camera model
    cheers, jamie
  • Tech Staff

    TSPS looks very interesting..
    thanks for the link Jamie.

  • Here's a link to instructions and download link to a free app that will grab the kinect depth map image from the new kinect camera model and read it into syphon stream. Then you can read the syphon stream into isadora. 

    Can you post here if you find any bugs? It works for us on 10.6 so far.

  • Hello Jamie,

    The NI-SYPHON.APP works fine on .6.8 but I wish it would be possible to get the removal of the BKG and the skeleton like on Synapse (expect that Synapse doesn't output to Syphon at present)...
    would it be possible for you to ask Jonathan Reus the possibility of this?

    best regards

  • Hi All,

    Using [this openframeworks branch](, I was able to send kinect 1473 depth image to Isadora via Syphon on OS X. Let me know if there is a need, and I will be happy to put this app up for grabs.