OSC transmit hostname instead of IP

  • Hello communitas and experts,

    is it possible to use the hostname instead of IP address in the udp address value of the OSC Transmit actors?

    I tried it and got confused. Because when you put an IP address, the Transmit actors keep sending the commands there, even if you put something else (like the hostname) into the value field. Neither stops it, if you clear the value. Only if you put another IP into it, it changes the target address.


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    Hi there,

    The OSC Transmit requires a valid IP address to my knowledge. Perhaps the staff members have further knowledge about this subject.

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    Have you tried

  • You can only type 'localhost' or IP address as a valid input. It seems that the issue is that there is no prompt for invalid entries. I however don't see the issue with using ip addresses

  • Thank you @LPmode, i guess this tells it clearly. To answer your question with just some points; DHCP driven Networks with alot of Hosts (I'm working on a System with up to 25 Raspberry PIs), More easy to separate groups by Names, like with prefixes. Or just because of shorter and more memorable and meaningful naming making it easier for working dynamically with several hosts.
    And for the future much easier IP6 handling.

    Yust if somebody not knowing, you can mostly always reach a host by using 'hostname.local' without ever knowing its ip adress.

    Sorry @Skulpture, I guess you misunderstood me. I didn't try to contact 'localhost' but any other host in the Network.


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    Not sure or it is an option, but Artnet nodes also work in Isadora (You can select the node by name), perhaps this is a option ?