• I'm having an issue with a show that suddenly I can't edit. everytime I try to open any of my user actor, Isadora crashes. I can open the user actors on both mac and PC but not on the show computer. I think I exhausted my options for troubleshooting and reinstalling and removing the plug-in folders but I am wondering if anyone else has any thoughts.

    sample file below, note that I am trying to open other user actors that don't contain the read file plugin.

    crash test.izz

  • crash report attached. Seems related to GUID, probably zooming feature.


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    Are you having trouble with a new file and adding User Actors? (that do NOT include the Read Text actor)

    I can't help but wonder if the Read Text actor isn't referencing a c++ lib that the machine doesn't have. 
    It might be that you need to install another Microsoft c++ redistributable to supply the lib used by the plugin.

    MajorGeeks offer an all in one installer for these: http://www.majorgeeks.com/file...
    Or you can go the safest route and install them yourself direct from Microsoft: https://support.microsoft.com/...

    If other User Actors are also not working for you, then the above solution is probably not required, and you should check that your project is using the Actor Processing Mode that matches your other machine/s (set under File/Actor Processing Mode), probably V2.
    Clearing your preferences first might also be helpful.

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  • something similar i remember. you might open a patch that contains a file actor but there is no such file or it is empty. crashes all over. the file actor tries to read it's file when it's scene is entered and when it does not find a file (or it's empty) the crash occurs. that's why it worked on my developing machine, there was always a file around. careful with the file actor, it can save empty files without being asked to. (write prior to any data entry). hope that helps


  • i call it file actor but it's really called Data Array. sorry