More than one video input via Firewire?

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    New to Isadora, loving it.
    My question is about live camera feeds. I'm currently running the latest version of Izzy on a Mac Pro (OS X 10.6.8), and want more than one live camera feed in my system. I currently have two cameras that output FireWire 4pin (mini), and using an adapter cable, have them plugged into the Firewire 400 ports. 
    However, even though Isadora recognises both inputs (in the Live Capture Settings menu, it shows two DV-VCR devices), when I toggle between the devices, I only ever see **one** feed. In case the issue was due to two inputs on the one card, I took one camera off FireWire 400, and instead used a FireWire mini to 800 cable instead. However, same problem - recognising two inputs, but only ever seeing one feed. 
    I'm unsure what to try next - by placing the two cameras on diff. inputs (FW 400, and FW 800), I thought that would solve my problem! Help?
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    Are the cameras the same model or different models?

  • Same models - Sony DV 950's. 

    Since posting my question, I've gone back and re-watched Marks YouTube tutorial about live video inputs. Right at the end, he warns that it's an inherent error with FireWire DV devices that only **one** device will be accepted per bus. And while I thought by splitting the inputs up by using FW 400 and 800, the system specs of my computer tell me only have one bus. So, for the moment, it seems like I can't have more than one input.
    I'm going to experiment with diff. types of inputs (USB, composite via convertor), and see how I go!
    Thanks for replying Matthew!
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    Normally you should be able to get more than one USB camera into your Mac, but they have to be of different brands to do so. And as you have found out, FireWire only supports one.


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    You should be able to get a PCI-E FW card and get another bus that way.

  • Also the Active Silicon LFG-4 will get you four inputs if you have a desktop machine.

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  • Hi,

    Having a similar problem except I disagree with the answer above.
    I have 2 firewire DV devices connected to a single bus.  Different models of camera, plugged into a firewire hub and then into the computer  QLab will happily display both of them though, so I can't see how its an inherent firewire design flaw.  Why can't Isadora show me both inputs?  Is there a work around other than buying some USB hardware?