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    Is there a plan to implement CITP in Isadora?

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  • Can you give a little more information:

    Acronym Definition
    CITP Chartered IT Professional
    CITP Certified International Trade Professional (Forum for International Trade Training; Canada)
    CITP Counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Targeting Program
    CITP Criminal Investigator Training Program (Homeland Security)
    CITP Certificate In Training Practice (UK)
    CITP Canadian Integrated Traceability Program
    CITP Comité International des Télécommunications de Presse (International Press Telecommunications Council)
    CITP Common Integrated Tactical Picture
    CITP Certified Information Technology Professional (American Institute of CPAs
    CITP Center for Information Technology Policy (Princeton University; New Jersey)

  • Beta Tester

    I would assume that Trevor is referring to the CITP protocol that is used to send low resolution video between media servers, lighting desks, and visualizers via a network.

  • Wow nice system. Looks pretty cool, but a lot of work to integrate. So basic examples of monitors and simulators 

    Although from what seems to be the creator
    "there is no licence agreement whatsoever."

  • Dear All,

    Hadn't ever heard of this until now. How important is this to people? Please weigh in.
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  • Izzy Guru

    Never heard of it either... Did a search and I found this;

    _CITP is an open protocol for integration of lighting controllers, media servers and visualizers on a higher-than-control level. It makes it possible to browse a media server with thumbnail previews of content as well as effects, to use the correct effect-specific parameter names while programming and to preview output from a controller or visualizer. It also allows bidirectional DMX, device selection and patch transfer to and from visualizers.

    CITP is maintained by a workgroup of developers from leading lighting technology companies around the world._

  • Beta Tester

    In terms of being able to send thumbnails to lighting desk, I woul say this is non priority for me simple because Isadora isn't really designed to be programmed via a lighting desk like a typical media server. The ability to send the stages via CITP to a visualizer could be useful though

  • I don't know about the other stuff but just trying to imagine what Common Integrated Tactical Picture means opens a whole world of possibilities.