[SOLVED] "Mapping" an entire stage...?

  • Hi.

    This is possibly a silly question. Either because it's super easy or it's impossible -- I don't know which. 

    Is there any way to change the rotation of an entire stage, either locally or globally?

    Basically, in one scene I have 7 movie player/projectors lined up next to each other and I would like to be able to map the whole stage to my projection surface so that I don't have to do each individual projector. (Because the show is on a mixed bill in a festival for which there is almost no tech time and so I'd like to be able to get the projection focused in as little time as possible). It's very straightforward -- center hung front projection -- and all I'd really need is the ability to do rotate and/or spin it?

    I'm using the Stage Scaler actor to get very close to what I will need and now I just need minor tweaks. 

    Thanks in advance! 


  • Tech Staff

    You can if you only use 3D projectors (not the standard Projector).

    Then you can use the '3D Stage Orientation' actor to move a stage in 3D, either locally or globally.

  • Thanks! A friend also just schooled me in this and it works great. Got addicted to using Izzymap, so I've not really worked with the 3d projectors. 

    I appreciate it!