OSC Listener and patching channels that start with a certain prefix.

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    Hi there all,

    I was wondering or there is any way that you can listen to a OSC address without patching it in the Stream Setup window, or by saying all messages that start with "/eos" will go to Channel 1 ?

    Since I wish to communicate with my Lighting desk using OSC, and the OSC approach they use is /eos/fader/1/1/

    But the thing is that I can't possible do that for all faders :( A way to say alright all message "eos/fader/" will go to Channel "X" would be great !

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    Oh, and I would like not to use a program like Processing to actually make this happen if possible :)

  • Hi @Juriaan ,

    unfortunately, there's no way to listen to an address other than /isadora/1 format without using the Stream setup.

    I'm also working a lot with OSC, and it's a feature i've been asking for without success. I think the stream setup window is really not practical, especially when dealing with OSC messages with several arguments...

    But it seems it's not a problem for most of people, since it hasn't evolved in that direction.

    Your two options are either to edit your OSC addresses in your light desk to make it fit the Isadora pattern, or use a third party software to bridge the addresses... (could be done with Processing... sorry :) )

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    Perhaps this is a bit of a issue that is only there for powe users ,but perhaps this can be adressed in Isadora 3 ?

    Just an actor that allows us to receive the address and the values with it, without the need of the stream setup window.

    Or the ability to set an address like this in the stream window.


    And all values with address starting with above pattern will be spit out to channel 1.

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    You can in fact use * as a wildcard in the stream setup.