Tell us about your Test Patterns and Media!

  • Tech Staff

    What do you look for in a useful test pattern, especially when checking your video output? 

    What types of media and images do you use when testing both Isadora patches and physical configurations?

    This website is an amazing test pattern generator for edge blending, which I used to generate a ton of still images when I do edge blending. I also like keeping a "checkerboard" image and a few landscape photos and videos.

    If we were building a list of "ten pieces of test media to always keep on hand" what would you put on that list?

  • Oh, thanks for the link: that looks great!

    I make my own test patterns in Photoshop, and they all include:

    1. Circles, so I can check that the aspect ratio is correct
    2. A centre cross
    3. A border that runs around the edge of the test pattern, so that I can make sure that the projected image meets the edges of the projection surface(s). Also helps to make sure image is horizontal / vertical
    4. A stepped grayscale, so I can calibrate the projector from black to 100% white.
  • Tech Staff

    I also test with the Basics.

    • Solid White
    • Solid Red
    • Solid Green
    • Solid Blue

    Solid white is critical for mapping.

    This one is also a nice example of a color calibration and alignment together. (I like that the gradients go both left to right and right to left)

  • i use NDI test pattern generator from NDI TEK, it have all professional standard test images: color bars, solid colors, grids and so on. 

    For non standard screen size i also use VIOSO site

  • Hi,

    I use this app TestCard. Is Mac only.