• For a Project I'm working on, I needed to transfer subtitle cues from Adobe Premiere sequences to Isadora.
    As Premiere can export an EDL edit list with timecode for IN and OUT marks, based on @DusX 'select line of text' script, I did an EDL reader.

    In combination with @Woland 's updated version of @fifou 's Timecode trigger actor, I managed to rebuild Premiere cut sequences in no time.

    Maybe someone else can use it, so here are the script and a user actor with the named In / Outs:
    (This is only tested with Premieres EDL export, with option 'Use Source Filename' on! But should work with other softwares EDL files like FinalCut too.)


    function main() 

    // reads EDL files and filters values to output them  them for further use including ClipTitle/ Clip Filename if put to a Note under the basic values

    // 2 Inputs: 1:File name or path (TEXT); 2:Line to select (INTEGER)

    // 10 Outputs: 1:Cues/Cuts total (INTEGER); 2:Cue/Cut # (INTEGER); 3:Media Type (TEXT); 4:Stream Type (TEXT); 5:Transition Type (TEXT); 6:Duration in Seconds (INTEGER); 7:SourceIN (TEXT); 8:SourceOUT (TEXT); 9:RecIN (TEXT); 10:RecOUT (TEXT); 11:Media Title (TEXT)

    // arguments[0] = text file name or path

    // arguments[1] = line to select

    // read EDL file
    var txt = read (arguments[0]);

    // split cue lines to an array and count cues
    var Cues = txt.split("\r\n\r\n");
    var CuesCount = Cues.length;

    // split cue values from notes
    var ValuesNotes = Cues[arguments[1]].split("\r\n");
    var NotesCount = ValuesNotes.length - 1;

    // split values to an array and count the values
    var Values = ValuesNotes[0].split(" ");
    var ValuesCount = Values.length;

    // read the values from the values array
    var CueNumber = Values[0];

    var ValueTyp = Values[2];
    var ValueStream = Values[9];
    var ValueTrans = Values[14];
    var ValueDur = Values[5];
    var ValueSourceIN = Values[22];
    var ValueSourceOUT = Values[23];
    var ValueRecIN = Values[24];
    var ValueRecOUT = Values[25];

    // read the Cue/file name if there is one
    if (NotesCount > 0) {
    var ClipTitleNote = ValuesNotes[1].split(": ");
    var ClipTitle = ClipTitleNote[1];
    } else {
    var ClipTitleNote = "Undefined";
    var ClipTitle = ClipTitleNote;

    // outputs
    return [ CuesCount - 1, CueNumber, ValueTyp, ValueStream, ValueTrans, ValueDur, ValueSourceIN, ValueSourceOUT, ValueRecIN, ValueRecOUT, ClipTitle ];


    EDL Reader.iua

    P.S.: Maybe someone have an idea how to change the script, so it jumps to the Cue# directly and reads the values instead of reading each line separately. (maybe with .StartWith() ?)

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