Audio Reactive 3D Particles - Example

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    OK, I had some fun last night, putting together an audio reactive design last night.

    This morning I decided to give it away. 

    So you can DOWNLOAD it. ( not a best practices demo.. just me having some fun :)

    This is the design rendered to 'Loaded Gun' by Lightning Dust.

    The YouTube video looks really dark, and looses the entire Background :(

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    One of my favourite Isadora actors to play with. Your calibration of the particles is fine tuned, beautiful and subtlety confined within the stage bounds. Didn’t you feel the urge to add more extreme dynamic movement? And I love the analogous colour scheme. Thanks for the share.

    Best wishes


  • Tech Staff

    I wanted the particles to work with the vocals (it's my sister) ... and I think this worked somewhat. That's why I kept them so controlled.
    Youtube darkened the whole thing enough that you don't see the background layers, which I think fill in the fx nicely.
    but really, making this type of patch is so fun that I could spend hours/days tinkering with it.. creating endless variations.
    The idea of generating the particle input is something I want to play with more.. using the sprite grid idea.
    In this patch I don't feel like I was very successful with that part. Still might be useful to someone.

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    It says Sound Frequency Bands is missing. Wasn´t this included in the Werkstatt build?

  • Tech Staff

    I believe its in the latest build, and yes we first received it at the Werkstatt.