• Beta Tester

    Hi Folks,
    probably straightforward but I can't find an answer to this:
    Can I run patches that were created in Isadora Core (but don't use any of the core features) on a normal version of Isadora?
    Is the core version invisibly "switched on" when I buy the additions or is it an entirely different application?
    would be handy to know as I can't seem to find a separate download field for the core version.

  • Izzy Guru

    For Mac users there is only the core version to download, if it is used in demo mode you have access to all core functions but you can not save the file, but you can open and use files that were safed with a core version. If you have a registered none core version you can't use any core actors, but if an izzy patch is made with a registered core version and doesn't use any core actors the file opens fine with your none core version.


  • Izzy Guru

    FYI - its well worth the update!