Detecting edges/collisions with Kinect

  • Hi,

    I'm relatively new to Isadora and trying to use a Kinect to create some projects where I can interact with other objects in the space. I've followed the Isadora Kinect tutorial using Processing and have gotten the skeleton appear in my projection, but I'm struggling on how to get the skeleton to potentially interact with other objects in the space (such as shapes). 

    It doesn't seem as if there are any actors that detect either edges or collisions. I had thought about using a comparator to see when the skeleton and shapes had the same positions (which would indicate a collision at which point I could change the trajectory of the shape) but it seems position is only an input and not an output that can be tied to a conditional. I had also thought about getting the position data of the skeleton from Processing (since the figure turns blue once in frame so the data is there) but I'm not exactly sure how to transfer it over to Isadora. 

    Is there a method to create something interactive involving collisions with the Kinect using Isadora and potentially Processing?