How to trigger lights with video

  • Is it possible to control small LED spotlights using Isadora and a DMX controller, I want to use 6 lights which which fade up and down at specific times which are connected to the specific points in the duration of a video. is this a simple matter of patching the action commands from the video player to the lights via the DMX controller in Isadora or do i need more hardware.

  • @littlemuseum - you will need hardware to convert a signal from your computer into DMX. something like a LanBox or Enttec. or a lighting desk. the method you use will begin the same way, position output of your Movie Player to a series of Comparators, each one set to trigger an Envelope Generator at the right time. Each Envelope can control a channel of your lighting. How you get the data to your lights depends on the hardware you use -  LanBox Channels, Serial, TCP, MIDI or OSC.

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    DMX King also makes USB-DMX interfaces.

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    you can also use Artnet for output. Dmxking has nice artnet 2 dmx nodes available.

    I have worked with these often.