• Hi all,  I am involved in a project that will require having a  short throw projector in a rear projection configuration. The screen doesn't need to be transparent,  but it does need to be almost spherical.  I have seen alot of posts about using rp film such as vikuiti 3m film,  but with the screen not being flat I would assume it will be tough to put the film on. There was also some talk about using sandblasting or particular paint,  however there wasn't much feedback on either of those two methods,  did any one have prior experience with choosing the material for the rigid spherical screen and then adapting it for rp?

  • Tech Staff

    This problem can only be solved with specific details about your throw distance, desired image size/ screen size, venue dimensions, timeline, and other project requirements and limitations. Most importantly your budget.

    If you can provide more specific details on your needs and budget, I can point you towards some materials and further recommendations.