• Dear Community (and particularly @Juriaan and @DusX)

    So, this morning I added the ability to name the inputs and outputs on the Javasript actor for Isadora v3. Like the GLSL shader, approach to this is to use a special comment format to accomplish this.

    Here's an example:

    // iz_input 1 "custom first input"
    // iz_input 2 "custom second input"
    // iz_output 1 "custom first output"

    function main()
       return arguments[0] + 1;

    I think the format is clear: a "//" followed by either iz_input or iz_output, the input or output number, and then the words you want to appear for that title. This results in the following:

    I figure that doing it this way is easier to maintain than some kind of external command to open an editor dialog with the in/out names, etc.

    Whad'ya think?


  • Tech Staff

    I agree that this is a good way. The prefix that you use is also not something that you can type on accident.

    Thanks for these additions. Cant wait to have my hands on Isadora 3 :)

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