• Hello guys,

    maybe I'm (again ;) ) thinking to complicated. But I have an issue with the global user actors.

    If I have several Scenes and in every scene I want to set the same global values, I need to put both types (set / get). If I then change the set value it updates the get actor that's in the same scene, what's fine so far. It also updates all other get actors in the off scenes but doesn't update the set actors of those. As the set actors seam to send their values immediately with activating the scene it is in, it updates the get actor in the same scene, overwriting the values the get actor got from the scene bevor.

    Step by step, what to do to replicate:

    1. place one set global value und one get global value in the same scene and give them the same name.

    2. duplicate the scene.

    3. change the value of the set global actor in scene 1 to 100. It will update the get actor output immediately to 100 as well.

    4. Go to the second scene and see that the get global value actor wasn't updated.

    5. change the value of the send actor in the second scene and move back to the first scene.

    You will recognise, that the actors still have the 100 as set in the 3rd step.

    I now, this sounds complicated and I'm not sure how to explain it better. But maybe I just tell what I would like as a solution. It would be great to have a kind of switch in the set global value actor, so one could decide if the values should be send with loading the scene, or only if the values are changed. There are several actors, that have a send data trigger input, maybe this would be a solution in combination with the enter scene trigger. I understand why the get actor should load the data bevor every other actor of the scene, but I don't get, why this is needed for the send actor. At least, all get actors that have the same name (address) should be updated to the value set by another set actor with this name immediately as an optional solution.

    This is an issue, if you want to have one value always updated across all scenes. I know one workaround would be an always activated background scene containing the send actor. But this doesn't work if you want to transport values from different actors in different scenes and still keep the value update to other scenes.

    Or do I miss something?

    Thank you for your opinion in this.


  • Tech Staff

    I have worked around this by putting the Set Global actor in a User Actor, that using a 'User Actor on/off' I have defaulting to OFF.
    This way the SET doesn't send, until I set it to ON.
    I suggest having the ON/OFF as the bottom input, and all other value inputs above (set them before setting the on/off to ON)
    This is preferred since Isadora goes thru the Inputs top to bottom.


    inside user actor