• tring out the izzy demo on a fresh windows desktop, but have no idea how to get the hap direct show working. No Thumbnail is shown in Videofile Bin and Movieplayers Progressbar is green but not running. I doublechecked with MadMapper and Touchdesigner that the sample-1080p30-Hap.avi from renderheads is running.

    Thanks in advance for any clue


    Win 10 pro 64bit  17134.165; Izzy 2.6.1; HP Z420 1650v2, Quadro K600

  • some more details: windows Mediaplayer is not playing the file, virtual dup as explained in this tutorial is playing the file without problems

  • @m_theater

    speed value of the movie player actor is 1?

  • Tech Staff

    Did you see this statement in the tutorial "Additionally, your system needs to have the Microsoft c++ redistributable 2008 x86 libraries available. You can download the installer from Microsoft."

    Isadora does not install this library by default, and it may be that the other applications you have tested are using a local version.
    Try installing it and see if the video import/play as expected.

  • @DillTheKraut @DusX ,thanks for your reply 

    after deinstalling the vcredist and reinstalling it is finally working. I wouldn't have expected that it is so fragile, but can't say for sure which version i installed in the first place.

    @mark is it an option to link izzy against a local version of the dll as DusX has described it above ?

    Thanks for your help.

    best clemens