Changeing inputs user from the inside

  • Hi all !!

    1-- im working on some user actors such as calculator with multiple inputs, parcial output etc.... i would like to add a reset trigger for all the values inputs. i did it with the outputs, but i see there is no way to manipulate the inputs from the inside
    is it possible (Mark??) ?
    2- other question. is it possible tu display an input but placed on the left side of the actor (output column)  ?
    thank you all
    big hug

  • The answer is definitely no for #2. That would be counter to isadoras vocabulary

  • Thanks Matthew !! what about #1

    big hug

  • Dear Maxiwille,

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "reset" trigger for the value inputs. You could just have one 'reset' input and then several Trigger Value actors on the inside. What that accomplish what you mean?
    With regard to #2, I think you meant to ask if you could display an input on the right side of the actor. For sure the answer to this is no. That would be a very confusing thing to do, given that the flow of information is always "in on the left, out on the right."
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark !! regarding #2 is just a visual and cosmetic idea, nothing more. about #1 i will send my multiple calculator for you to see what i want. in the patch there are 2 user actor i have made, the calculator and a converter. what i do did was a reset trigger for the outputs values but stayed on the right  side, better if i could place it on the left side. what i need is the possibility to reset the income values on the right

    thanks !!!
    big hug



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