• Hello @all,

    Does anyone have experience with black syphon, the syphon to black magic IN/OUT? I got it working so far, but have the issue, that the syphon stream gets delayed after a while, when you put the black syphon window to the background.

    I guess this is because if some energy saving functions of OS X.

    Does anyone know a resolution about this!?

    Thanks and best

  • Ok, actually it isn't a delay, the stream is stuttering heavily. I haven't seen it, as I used still pictures...

  • Found a solution though.

    Might be interesting for several other performance issues one have with background apps.
    This is related to the App nap energy saving function in OSX. You can check if an Application is using this, in the activity monitor adding 'app nap' to the shown rows.

    You can find a description about how to disable it here: