• Dear Users,

    When submitting bugs, please keep the following in mind:
    1) Your first priority should always be to use the form on the [Isadora Support](http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/) page to submit bug reports. When you do, it ensures we have critical information that will help us recreate and address the bug, and, most importantly, that the bug is filed in our database. The database allows us to track, accumulate information about, and prioritize issues with Isadora. Please provide as much detail as possible, especially with when describing the steps required to make the problem happen. The latter can make a massive difference in the speed with which things get fixed.
    2) If you want share your bug report with the community, you may optionally post it in the Bug Report topic. This will allow you (and me) to see if others have seen the same problem, and potentially hear about workarounds or solutions from the community. Posting in the forum also allows the community to raise the priority of the bug by voting on it.
    But let me emphasize that the bug report database is my first reference. I will, of course, follow bug reports in the forum, offer what advice I can and let you know when things get fixed. But, If you want to ensure attention to your problem, then file a report using the online form.
    Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support!
    Best WIshes,
    P.S. If you are on Mac OS X, please unzip and run the small applet "get-recent-isadora-crashes" below to compress the most recent crash reports into a zip file so that you can send them to me.


  • Hi Mark,

    My current bug doesn't allow me to fill in a bug report... all I'm offered is a blank rectangle and the only way to proceed is by force quit...
    Incidentally the problem I can't sort out I think is to do with picture player..my program runs for 26min then crashes same time every time..what might that suggest?..welcome any help,
    ( get Isadora 2.0 perhaps more stable?) have a show coming up, getting a bit desperate..thanks andrew
  • Izzy Guru

    I would download version 2.0; it's more stable in many ways but you won't have access to the 'new' version 2.0 features without the paid upgrade.

    You can get it here:
  • Izzy Guru

    Dear @andrewjames

    To report a bug doesn't need to be the text of the crash window that pops up if you crash. What you did above is acutally a bug report, but it is easier for us to track if you fill out the form.
    Thank you.


  • i just tried to get the crash report app to work but it wouldn't. i get this dialogue when trying to open the unzipped app:

    **"get-recent-isadora-crashes" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.**
    i'm on OSX 10.9.5

  • @dbini

    No problem for me, the file auto-unzipped after downloading.
    You can try to modify settings in System preferences > Security > Authorize applications downloaded from : everywhere
    I had success with others applications when this message appeared to me.

  • its working fine today. little zip file heading towards troikatronix

  • Dear All,

    Regarding the "Get Recent Crash Reports" app: it is an AppleScript application not working. I just looked up this error, and found out that if you click the "?" icon you'll see this:
    _The app has been modified or damaged

    The app has been modified, and it’s code does not match the original signed
    code. The app may be broken or corrupted, or it may have been tampered
    with. If you feel that an app has been damaged or tampered with, you should
    delete it by dragging it to the Trash.

    Some apps and tools, such as AppleScript applications and some legacy
    tools, modify themselves after signing. These types of apps cannot be
    opened unless the Gatekeeper setting in Security & Privacy preferences is
    set to Anywhere._

    (Oh Apple. Sigh.) Anyway, this Gate Keeper limitation means that all AppleScript applications will show this error. I guess I should just send out the actual AppleScript script instead of the app, and let people run that, as it won't show the error.

  • Spotted this cosmetic bug... With the Movie Player actor, when you Option-click on the pb engine, loop end, and position for help - it looks like the descriptions are mixed up.


  • Fixed for next release. Thank you for submitting the report.

    -- Mark