• I have been working a lot with the Stage Setup for the last 2 years, and it is a fantastic feature for mapping, but I am still unclear about some details: 

    1. Is there  any way to move the Stage Setup settings  (OUTPUT>STAGE SETUP) from one computer to another?

      2. Is there any advantage/disadvantage  between changing the Stage Settings under  OUTPUT>STAGE SETUP compared to using STAGE LIVE EDIT, other than it being more convenient to adjust the image with the mouse using Stage Live Edit?

      3. Is there any way to undo a change made with STAGE LIVE EDIT? Also, if the project is not saved, the changes to the stage setup are still saved. Anyway to stop this?

    I would appreciate if anyone can answer these questions.

    Many thanks,


  • Have you tried using the Mapper inside the Projector? I think its more flexible, with the benefit of being local to the file. doubleclick on a Projector actor to open up its Mapper.

  • Hello John, yes, I also use Izzy map within projector, but I like using Stage Live Edit to align multiple projections.