Collection of 3D Particles Forum Posts, Tutorials, and Example Patches

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    Today I was enthralled by this Forum Topic from @dbini that contained an example file using 3D Particles. 

    I dove in, and updated it with 14 Snapshots of 3D Particle presets, a number of Control Panel elements (including a complex system for Snapshots navigation/auto-numbering and some basic Controls for the 3D Particle actor that will allow you to create your own presets). 

    The Snapshot Control Panel system is a bit tricky if you delete or re-order Snapshots, but I explained how to get it back on track if gets off in Comment Actors. (It's important that you *ONLY* use the Control Panel to Recall, Take, and Update Snapshots; otherwise the automatic numbering system won't work.)

    Here is a zipped folder it contains:

    • Dbini's original Isadora Patch (Original File - f4bdef-growz.izz)
    • The original file updated to 2.6.1 and with a basic Control Panel added (Basic Control Panel - f4bdef-growz.izz)
    • The new Isadora Patch with a TroikaTronix-themed Control Panel and my Snapshot system (New File - Dbini/Woland - f4bdef-growz 2018.izz)

    MANY thanks to Dbini for this, it's a beautiful effect.

    Additionally I'm going to use this post as nexus for all the posts on the Forum pertaining to the 3D Particles actor so that folks wishing to learn more only need to check in one place.

    There are a number of great example files, tutorials, and interesting discussions about using the 3D Particles actor on the forum, including:

    • This 3D Particle Playground Patch created by @mark (I'll link this later when I update this post.)
    • This tutorial for 3D Particles from this Forum Topic created by @raganmd , which is good for visual learners (like myself) who can figure things out more quickly when pictures are provided.
    • This Forum Topic about 3D Lines and 3D Particles, which has an Isadora Patch that Bonemap edited.
    • This Forum Topic about a way to get 3D Particles to "wiggle"
    • This Forum Topic about 3D Particles and video tracking live performers created by Bonemap
    • More to come...

    I'm going to update this topic when I have time

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    @woland said:

    This 3D Particle Playground Patch created by @mark (I'll link this later when I update this post.)


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    @bonemap said:


    I'll do it eventually, I promise!