how to deal with too many user actors ans AU plugins

  • Hi Team.

    I use many small user actors i did over time. Most of them do no magic but just keep things more tidy in my head while i develop. 

    Like trigger to on/off, on/off to triggers ecc. mostly just simple stuff. 

    The problem arises because I do not always remember the name I gave to the actors and in order to look for it in the user actors list I have to look at them all and that takes nerve, time and brings distraction, so I often end up doing them again on the fly or look for them in other patches. (even more distraction)

    My request goes in the direction to become able to somehow group user actors by category. 

    Same applies for AU plug-ins. I have a Waves Platinum Bundle (some 100 plug-ins) installed in my mac but it's nearly impossible to look for one in the list.

    thanks for considering