​the death of quicktime = no more videoglide

  • I have a setup for Infrared motion tracking that uses a CCTV cam, IR filter, analogue feed into a USB capture card into my Mac. Izzy needs Videoglide drivers in order to see the feed from this device. Its handy when my thunderbolt ports are tied up with video and/or Soundcard. I don't want to lose the option of running video into Izzy via USB. Does anybody have any ideas how to keep this option alive when Quicktime gets killed off?

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    Perhaps a setup with two computers, a tracking computer running an older OS, then sending the data (packaged neatly in one stream via DusX's JS method) to the primary computer running a newer OS?

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    For analoge feed, I use the blackmagic intensity shuttle with usb. the blackmagic driver still works i think.
    But most of all i still use an old Canopus ADVC55, this is still firewire but with a thunder-bold hub with firewire. I didn't have to install a driver to use this one.

  • Hi @GertjanB 

    yeah, I have one of those Canopus boxes as well, but i don't have a thunderbolt hub, and firewire ports are now just a distant memory, confined to the historical bin. i guess a hub is an option. i also have a Blackmagic Mini Recorder for HDMI into Thunderbolt and the quality is great. i will check out the Shuttle, thanks.


  • @dbini there are a lot of options for USB capture, http://www.magewell.com/captur..., and a lot of other cheapo ones too, but I would steer away and go for something with a bit of quality. You can find copies of these that work perfectly from your friend Ali.