USB Camera Video input with long run

  • I'm doing a live video show, where I am using a USB camera to project the audience onto the screen, which then show video based on their actions.  The USB camera will be located behind or round the mapped surface, but the feed coming from the camera is glitchy and delayed by a .5 second to 1 second. As it is a USB camera, and how the space is setup, I have to connect the USB camera to the computer via a USB over cat5 extender. I'm wondering if there is anything within Isadora that I could use to make the camera work seamlessly. I don't really have any budget with this project so I can afford to purchase expense video interfaced and such. Wondering if there is a work around for the glitchy video.

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    I'm afraid to say that this sounds like a hardware limitation...

  • Do you know of any inexpensive video interfaced that work with RCA or BNC connections?

  • I've had very good luck with USB cameras using a USB cable with an amplifer.  Also known as repeater cable.  I've used 2 40' cables for an 80' run with no glitching.  You can easily find it online.

    I've also used firewire cable with my Canopus digitizer (old technology, but works well and cleanly) as well as RCA audio cable with a non-USB camera and have run 100' with a clean signal.  My camera is a small digital Canon - not much larger than my USB cameras.

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    i worked with isadora and a full hd usb camera like these: https://elpailipu.aliexpress.c... and 2 usb active cords (20m+20m) and it works great. The delay is one or two frames with good quality. The cam is cheap like 50$ and a 20 m cord is 20$.

  • @dstrohan yes active USB extensions (I use Dlock ones) even chained USB hubs can work. For future or other reference good quality USB extensions over Cat5/6 work great, I have had kinect 1 devices 50m away working perfectly reliably.

  • Hi, I use the cheep Amazon StarTech, they work well however if there is no activity at the other end it goes to sleep. It's an easy fix just power cycling the extender.

    Another small downside is most of these that I have seen are 10/100 speed.

  • Last week I used a Lindy USB to CAT converter and it worked fantastic: