• Hi!

    I am trying out the live capture features, and found out that I am unable to limit the resolution of it in the "Live Capture Settings". Everything works allright when the resolution is set "Full Size", but in any other option the capture goes black.
    I would like to change the resolution in order to check out if doing this, the performance improves.
    The "Limit Resolution" actor is working fine and certanly allows me to improve the performance of my patch, but I would think that by setting a lower resolution from the "Live Capture settings", performance should be even better.
    I am using a Canon Legria HV40, connected via firewire to a PC
    Any further thought?
  • Izzy Guru

    I've never heard of this before....

  • Izzy Guru

    can you give more details?

    Windows version
    Isadora version


  • Izzy Guru

    Windows I think @Michel (only due to using the word PC not Mac)

  • Izzy Guru


    yes I did read that but what version of windows, there are out a few of them.

  • Izzy Guru

    True... I will shut up! lol

  • xp sp3

    isadora 1.3.0f24
  • Tech Staff

    I have similar issues with some capture streams on my Asus laptop.
    Specifically, the built in webcam (can't remember if I have had the same issue with my external cam) its very picky, only works at full.
    I have found that once I have the settings in place that turning on and off live capture via the actors works fine.. I always assumed that my internal webcam was the issue.
    I also have no problem running the webcam thru the asus virual driver, that adds face tracking, fx (mosaic, emboss etc..) but still only at full size (640x480)

  • Hello,

    I'm an Isadora newbie.  I'd like to do a live chroma keyed projection for a live performance.  Looking for a tutorial or someone to help me set it up step by step.  Any suggestions?
  • Tech Staff

    I don't know of any tutorials on this topic, but as long as your live video has a solid background color, you should only need to route the video output thru the 'chroma key' actor (foreground), and add another source as the background input.
    The controls of the chroma key actor are pretty straight forward. Just adjust the color/'key hue' to match you live video background, and adjust the width, and softness to get the best result.

  • I frequently use more than one camera, and for some shows up to 4 cameras.  Have had the same problem (black screen), and have solved it some times by choosing a camera, then if it doesn't show the image, choosing 'none', then re-choosing the camera.  Otherwise I have to choose the resolution that it will accept.  My computer has 2 USB ports on each side, and I have found that I must separate 2 of my cameras or only one of them will work.