[SOLVED] - Mp3 Triggering Effects

  • I want to use an mp3 audio file to trigger some effects on different actors such as 3D lines, (non-live capture) videos etc. but can't figure out how to a.) make Isadora play the mp3 file (apparently the sound player only works on .aif) and b.) how to catch the frequency waves the mp3 file and make them readable by another actor to affect a parameter (such as parameter of x-rotation on the Virtual Stage [aka Renderer] of 3D lines). Is this something that can be achieved?


  • Tech Staff


    mp3 files can only be played with the movie player but you don't need a projector for that. The movie player has an eye on the top left. If you click on it you can activate different other inputs. For example the frequency bands. See attached image.

    Best Michel