• Hi,

    We have been using Izzy with the SYST3M actor built by @DusX to successfully run a universe of lights (with Enttec pro MK2). We have 12 PCs, 9 LEDs and a couple of light bars, a total of 257 channels, there is a lot of actors working in the background. Everything works relatively smoothly, made a nice interface for students to use, click lights on and with a nanokorg control the channels with sliders. The only problem we are having is with Izzy starting up and saving, it takes an extremely long time. Is this to be expected? Can we speed this process up? 

    We have a desktop WIn 10 with an 17 processer (2 years old), 16 GB RAM running latest izzy software. 

    Much thanks in advance, tim

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    Please submit a support ticket and I will look into it.

  • @dusx

    cheers. Will do so.

  • Tech Staff

    This issue has been resolved. The problem was that there using too many User Actors/macros embedded in User Actors/Macros can cause the file to become bloated, as one is essentially placing hundreds of actors in each Scene.

  • @woland

    Does this mean, the more you nest actors in user actors the more the projects gets bloated? In reverse it says, if you work with a lot of actors it is better not to nest in to a lot of user actor levels and instead keep them on the lowest level?

    I guess I often do have this issue, as the scenes does load very slowly in some of my projects and it takes a long time to show the actors.

    Is there any suggestion how to handle user actors the most efficient way?

    As an example, I would like to know what you exactly did to get this project running?

    Best Dill

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    User Actors them selves are not a problem. Isadora provides nearly unlimited flexibility in how you create your projects. This flexibility empowers creative exploration but also allows for less than optimal design structures.

    In the case of this project, a Korg NanoKontrol User actor was used (137kb) numerous time within each scene, making each scene ~5mb each. Each instance of the User Actor had on 1 or 2 of its outputs used (it has ~30) so there was a lot of unused functionality with each instance.

    A better approach would be to use only one instance of the User Actor per scene and share all outputs via broadcasters ( maybe creating a User Actor to pick up the values with Listeners )

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    How do you actually see the mb that each user actor takes. Did you save it to your file system and got it from there ?

  • Tech Staff


    Either that or inspecting the actual User Actor/Macro itself in the global folder I'd think