• Hi, I remember reading somewhere here about a future MoviePlayer being able to export a useable TimeCode. Did this ever happen? I have clips that have embedded timecode, is it possible to use it? I've used the timer tool in the past but with 4 movie players (although a good tool) I've found it to be a heavy load on the CPU/GPU.


  • Tech Staff


    Timecode will be supported in Isadora 3. 

    The main cpu eater in the timertool is the text draw actor, even if they are not in use. If you don't need the time as video out, double click the user actor and delete all 4 text draw actors. Save it as a new instance and rename it to your desired name. Then you can use that for none text render situations.

    Best Michel

  • For some reason I thought of it as only text tool, but it's both text and video. I was using a separate movie player for the video and the timer tool for only the timer.

    Thanks for showing me something that was right in front of me the whole time. This will lighten the load for sure.