[SOLVED, Issue within Mac OS, not Isadora] - Color picker bug?

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    This is maybe a bug. It is a very minor one. But it is good to fix it.
    When I use color picker, it is always darker than what I picked it from.
    This is for example. Please see the screenshot below.
    I used color picker for (15,16) 2d slider. I want to have the same color as (9,10) 2d slider. However, it became darker color than what I picked.
    Or does it happen only to me???

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    The bottom slider is your friend for this one. On windows you can add it to a palette so you know sure that every single time you have the same colour. Dont know about the mac version

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    But that seems like a bug. Please fill in a bug report so the Isadora staff can confirm

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    I reported that as a bug ages ago, but Mark had an explanation that this is a system problem. I can't recall the details anymore. Maybe @mark can chime in.

    Best Michel

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    This is a response from @mark about it when beta testing v2.6

    @bonemap said:

    Color picker pipette tool does not produce the same colour that it selects. 

    We've seen this too. Do a search on google for the three words Eyedropper Wrong Color and the millions of results you'll see are the reason I earlier told Michel (in our private team thread) I wasn't going to try to fix this. (Sigh.) But, given your feedback, I'll take a harder look at this.

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    Oh yes, I didn't know anymore if it was in an email or on the forum. Mark also posted two links about it: 

     Please click here for an in-depth explanation of the problem, and here for an aptly described "ridiculous" workaround.
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    On Mac one can copy paste the Hex value from color picker to color picker (or keep the hex code pasted in a comment actor for easy access).