• I'm not even sure how to explain this one.  Take a look at the attached video to see some of what is going on.  My stage manager reported that during the run of the previous show, the first sound cue, an mp3 played by movie player would play for about 2 seconds, and then just stop playing.  A restart of Isadora would fix it, and all following sound cues would play normally.

    So, I'm starting to program the current show.  For preshow, I regularly use the counter to attached to the Movie parameter to hop to the next file in the bin once it hits its loop end.  Been using this for years.  Today, when I link the counter output to the Movie Player input, the file just stops.  There's some other weirdness going on too, that you can see in the video.  Is there something really stupid I'm missing?  I don't think I updated the OS recently (although the stage manager might have), but I'm running 2.6.1 on 10.13.6 High Sierra, 2013 Mac Pro, 3 Ghz 8 core, 32GB ram, dual FirePro D700 6144 MB.  My audio is routed through the Dante Virtual Soundcard, but again, I've not had a problem with Dante and Izzy in the past.

    I feel I might be missing something really stupid.  Thought I'd ask here first, before I file a formal bug report.  Any thoughts?

  • Hm, the file didn't attach.  Let's try this...

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    I just tried it on my Mac with Sierra (not HighSierra) and 2.6.1 and its working fine. Did you try deleting the preference files: https://support.troikatronix.c... 
    Maybe someone with HighSierra could try it.

    Best Michel

  • @knowtheatre @Michel If I understand the issue correctly I can replicate the issue on HighSierra but did notice that connecting a projector to the movie player does then fix this.


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    Thats interesting.

  • @michel Not sure if it helps but this issue is also present in macOS Mojave 10.14


  • @aled2305 said:

    Not sure if it helps but this issue is also present in macOS Mojave 10.14

     Please make sure to file a formal bug report with the team at https://support.troikatronix.c... so we have all the details.

    I will personally look into this to ensure whatever's happening doesn't make it into Isadora 3. (Please include that information when you submit the ticket.)

    But just to be clear: you have a workaround, yes?

    Best Wishes,

  • @aled2305  , yeah that was exactly the issue.  I did find a rather un-elegant workaround to get me through tech, and I'll file a bug report once I get through today's rehearsal.  I did not delete the preference file, as I didn't want to risk having to relicense during tech; it's a pretty complex show (a new adaptation of 1984; I'm designing sound, but video is being designed by Brave Berlin here in Cincinnati using millumin.  Only sound is using Izzy.)  Thanks for the help everyone!  

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    Did you already submit a bug report for this already?

    We'd like to nail down the cause and fix it.

    Best wishes,