• Hi,

    I found it last night, may be some one need to test it


    A Powerpoint add-in for basic control of powerpoint presentations with OSC


    • Download and extract the add-in from here : http://benjamin.kuperberg.fr/download/powerpoint-osc.zip
    • Launch install.bat (You may have to run it as administrator if you get an error message)
    • Launch PowerPoint, you should see an "OSC" Tab, where you can configure the host and port to receive and send OSC messages.


    You can only control the slides when the Slideshow is active, not in the editor !

    You can control slides by using :

    • /next Next slide
    • /previous Previous slide
    • /page Go to a specific slide (ex: /page 1)

    Also, when the slide has changed, Powerpoint will send a /page message as well with the current slide index