[SOLVED] - Why is this scene loading slowly?

  • Hi Folks,

    my wife is making a new show and i've taught her the basics of patching so that she can make a couple of interactive systems herself. one of the scenes she has made is behaving strangely. when trying to enter the scene, it takes about 5 seconds before anything happens. either clicking on the scene name, using a Jump actor or spacebar cueing, it all does nothing for a while before entering the scene. i've tried preloading the scene, and the picture files, but that doesn't change it. the other scenes are working fine. could you please give it a test and see if you find the same problem? 



    lazy scene problem patch

    EDIT: found the culprit. i just discovered that the sound file (she was using to test the system while we wait for the musician to create the score) - was an hour-long mp3. it was this loading that slowed down the system.

  • Izzy Guru

    Glad you found the issue.