ISight disabeld

  • iSight not working osx 10.8.3 IsadoraCore 1.3 0f25 after update to osx 10.8, macbook pro 4.1 QCpacht enables the cam in the live capture settings, its not a final solution.any support on this matter would be appreciated. merci bts

  • Tech Staff

    I have found the problem to be Quartz Patches.

    If a quartz patch uses a video input (iSight) by default then as isadora opens it seems to steal the resource.
    Try removing all the Quartz Patches from your Library to a folder on your desktop as a test, relaunch isadora and it should re-appear.

  • Could fix it, had some QCpatch with cam input, did some changes, isadora should now behave as usual,

    @Skulpture thanks a lot


  • Tech Staff

    No problem. :)

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