Time Code-SMPTE- Ableton to isadora-synchronously

  • good afternoon friends!
    at me such question arose - how to synchronize two MacBooks by means of LTC-line time code (smpte)
    is installed ableton on the second isadora on the first MacBook.
    it is necessary that when we rewind audio a track in ableton - video the track was rewound in isadore-and all this synchronously too. - whether there is such opportunity in isadora???
    if that is possible with an example - thanks!!!

  • I don't think there's a direct way of using LTC in Isadora, I was trying last year and had to have a rethink. 

    However playback can be locked into Midi Timecode in Isadora and using a bridging app like Lockstep from Figure53 you can convert LTC to MTC.

  • I meant not that similar - is possible in isadora???