• Hello all,

    I'm a brand new user to isadora and was trying to test the application on my MacBook pro recently. I noticed that it won't play my MPG files - it will play .MOV files. I use the MPG files for speed and I don;t need hi-res for what I am doing either. Does anyone have any idea if I can get MPG's to work? They are greyed out in the movie list so I assume I have a codec issue?

    There is a sample of a file here - it's the smallest I have at 1.2mb and has been created the same way as all the others.

    Can anyone help?

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    No sample attached but I havent heard of people using MPG for a long while.
    Nearly all the mac users here will use .mov Motion JPGEG at 80% quality or more. Unless they are using something specific like DXV or HAP (specialist VJ codecs)
    Try using MPEG rather than MPG perhaps? It could just be the naming of the file?

  • I think I need some forum lessons... :-//

    The demo link is below..
    =>> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4987104/Projector_Align.mpg

    Thanks Skulpture for writing back. I did try and rename the file, but now it refuses to import it into the media library. I was hopefuly though. It does allow me to import the file as an mpg extension but then they go grey and won't play. :-( Thing is, I don't use many visuals but these MPGs took a while to create with all sorts of sync to the click tracks. I;m a bit reluctant to spend the money to have to redo all the work in a hurry... I intend to redo them in 5:1 sound at some point but for now I'd like to be able to be able to get these old MPG's working.

    If there are any other ideas I'm happy to try anything - I'm not a great Mac User but I;m okay with Linux etc so don;t be afraid to send me in to terminal...


  • Your clip does not play here as well. Quicktime will play these fine however, so it is not a codec issue really. So I would not waste more time troubleshooting mpg.I personally never liked mpg on mac - too much finniky problems. Instead I would convert all mpg clips to more suitable(and better) codec. You can do batch conversion with various apps.

    Livid http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/17527/livid-beu
    Streamclip [http://www.squared5.com/](http://www.squared5.com/)
    QTAmateur http://www.mikeash.com/software/qtamateur/
    and Quicktime 
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    I agree with @Vanakaru.

    .... and Streamclip [http://www.squared5.com/](http://www.squared5.com/) is a lifesaver once you get to grips with it.
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    In Isadora you can only play it with "movie player direct" but the framerate drops down to about 12fps. I think you go better with a more efficient codec.
    You can't upload the .mpg file because the forum doesn't allow that sort of file type, the best thing to do in this case, zip the file and then it should work without any problems.


  • Thanks Everyone,  I create the movies on a PC generally, the Mac is only used to perform with.. Probably not the best option but I can create Quicktime MOV files on the PC. Converting the MPG's does  get's them working so I;m almost ready to migrate. I'm struggling to get surround sound working but that's a different thread so if I can't dig the info out I'll be asking for assistance later. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Dear splitpink,

    Please submit the MPG problem as a bug report here http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ and I'll investigate this.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    I have raised  abug report as per requested.