Render a 3d object behind a 2d image

  • Hi,

    I'm having some issues getting a 3d object behind a 2d image. The image has transparency (its a PNG) and I need to be able to see the 3d object through the transparent spaces of the image. 

    I'm using a 3d player to display the 3d model and a picture player with a 3d projector to display the image (since, I found in research that 2d projections are always put in the background in Isadora). However the problem becomes that the 3d Projector makes the transparent spaces black and then I can't see through the image. 



  • Tech Staff


    can you try to send the 3D to a virtual stage actor (set destination to renderer and add a virtual stage actor) this will give you a 2d texture that you can route and layer with other 2d layers normally.