• I'm working on a project for which I'm obliged to inherit h.264 video encoded on premier/after-effects via software called Lavf57.83.100. I'm experiencing random playback hiccups. At times the pan option in Movie Player actor momentarily activates and deactivates as if the player was switching between AV foundation and quicktime on its own. I understand h.264 video can be problematic but I'm curious about the the pan option behaviour. Would that be cause or consequence of the random bugs

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    Do the videos contain sound?

  • @dusx yes they do

  • @msanii said:


     It could well be that this software outputs odd bitrates, I have seen some issues with custom settings from OBS recordings. Any reason why you dont just transcode into something else?

  • @fred No idea of bit rate type. Is that a parameter on which one could intervene? The currently available source files are h.264 encoded QuickTime movies. They are edited in Premier, composited onto PNGs in After-effects and delivered to me as h.264 or prores 442LT alternatives. Incidentally not quite sure which is better (h.264 or prores) to work with in this case as the source files are already h.264 compressed.

  • @msanii I would go with the proress for playback.

  • @fred Thanks for the suggestion. Too soon to tell, i've learned, but feedback from the company for which I'm doing this indicates better experience with prores. Keep you posted on how this fares.

  • @fred Going prores didn't quite resolve the issue. Coming back to the issue of odd bitrates. Do you mean odd as opposed to even numbers or odd in the not coherent sense. Attached is media-info screen capture indicating data for one of the videos. By the way I forgot to precise the After-effects work is done on a windows machine hence the use of Lavf57.83.100

    media-info data