• Has anybody experience with the process called VTDecoderXPCService. When I play one 1920x1080 ProRes444 video with quicktime CPU usage by this process shoots to nearly 100%. See attached activity monitor screenshot. With h.264 video CPU usage remains at 0% 


  • @msanii This is the service/process, that is playing your videos you loaded in the movie player actor.
    100% is totaly fine as it defines the 100% by processor thread it uses. If you have a dualcore processor with 4 threads, the process can use up to 400% theoretically.
    This is why the graph below is just showing a low processor usage of around 20% (lower left numbers, System + User. Idle is what is unused CPU power) while the process is  at 100%.


  • @dillthekraut I get it. Thanks for the educating