• hello there, 

    i'm working on a performance that is going to happend in three different location simultaneously (intercontinental). 

    each place is going to project a video of the two other places, and there are interactions between the performers. 

    in your opinion, what is the best way to livesteam with the smallest delay ? 

    with youtube/vimeo livestream, there is a 7-11 sec delay in average. 

    and to put this into isadora with syphoner > syphone receiver add some more. 

    do you know a way to reduce this delay ?


  • skype or another video conferencing solution is probably going to be simplest and quickest, but with terrible quality.

    have a look at soundjack.eu. Dr Alex has recently added a video function. i haven't tried it with video yet, but the audio streaming is absolutely the best way to share audio over the net.

  • Tech Staff

    NDI is the perfect solution for this. Use your Smartphone / a Camera with a capture card and the great NDI apps to publish the content across the web. Use the NDI receivers applications to fetch the content back from the web and send it over to Isadora with the NDI to Spout (NDI to Spyhon) apps :)

  • thank you all for your answer. i'll check it out.

  • does someone experienced d-link cameras ? 

    is it possible to use it for NDI protocol ?! 

    looks like NDI camera do the same, connect the video flow to an IP adresse.

    i'm trying to understand why the NDI camera cost so much, and if there is another way ...

  • Tech Staff

    You don't need a NDI camera to use the NDI protocol. What you basically need is the following :

    1. A camera source (HDMI preferred)
    2. A computer that can send the signal across the network 
    3. A way to get the camera source as an input into your computer (Blackmagic capture card, etc)

    Regarding your D-link, no it doesn't has native NDI support. What it does has is a webportal / mobile app. So what you can do is capture that with a Screenrecorder (Syphon / Spout) > Spout to NDI converter > NDI application to send it across the web.

  • @juriaan , sorry but i don't get it ... :(

    to use NDI protocol i need to convert my video signal, no ? that what does spark,  and the NewTek NDI camera application ?does different app like sienna, media looks do the same ? 

    than i need a receiver app to get the NDI signal from the internet, and to transmit it to syphon (i'm running on mac) i need NDI to Spyhon but for some reasone it's not available anymore :(

    does syphoner is good enough to transmit the screen of the receiver app ? 

    and why a blackmagic capture card ? 

    do i understand it wrong ? 

    if you can help me understand it ...

    and what is the cheapest way to have a minimum delay video signal, comming from another country, and running on mac OS ?

  • Izzy Guru


    I found an old but working Syphon2NDI version here: http://spout.zeal.co/download/...

    You can use any camera, even a USB Camera (but you may get more delay with it), if you use an external Camera with HDMI or SDI you need something like a Blackmagic capture device or similar to get the video feed onto you computer and into Isadora.

    Sending computer
    - In Isadora you place a "Video in Watcher" actor to get the camera feed and connect it to a Projector. Then you have to place a "Syphon Stage Output" actor.
    - Launch the Syphon2NDI server. Select the "Isadora/stage-1" syphon stream in the dropdown list.

    Receiving computer
    - Launch the "Syphon2NDIClient", select the sending computer in the dropdown list.
    - In Isadora place a "SyphonReceiver" actor and Select the syphon stream coming from the "Syphon2NDIClient" and connect it with a Projector. 

    Thats it. You will get a video stream from one to the other computer. Make sure you have a fast connection and connect the computers via LAN to the network. Wireless can be to slow.

    This explanation above is only working on the same network. The above may work "intercontinental" over a vpn connection but you may have quite a big delay.
    Maybe someone else can give you a hint doing it without a vpn connection.

    Best Michel

  • @michel, thanks for the explanation, and for Syphon2NDI, it work.
    indeed i need an intercotinental, with minimum delay. looking forward ...