Best router for wireless video on iPhone (or similar)

  • I'm working on a show which has a component where we want to stream live video from an iPhone and project it onto a screen.  I have tested Epoccam and Airbeam, and I have downloaded the NDI app to test as well.  I'm open to suggestions of other options, but my real question is which router is best suited for this task - both in terms of lowest latency and most robust signal (no drop-outs).  We have a high-end consumer D-Link router with 4 antennas, and I have purchased a Linksys Pelops mesh wireless system to try out.  I don't know exactly how the mesh wireless systems work and if I will sacrifice latency for a more robust signal, as the signal will take time to bounce between the three nodes.

    Any expertise or experience is welcome.



  • @craigalfredson IMHO only Unifi gear is worth getting, and if you want go with open wrt over the top. The default Unifi firmware is also great though, many models with proper throughput. Consumer APs and routers are not worth the te.