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    The Pulse Generator is a critical actor in the development of generative content such as particles. But it is capped at 999hz. Is this a real limitation or is there unrealised potential?

    Does it make any sense for a feature request to increase the Pulse Generator ceiling?

    The answer is probably lurking in this forum thread

    I can see that my patches are already able to exceed a 1000 cycles threshold (50 fps x 25 service tasks). So is it possible to consider that a machine dedicated to crunching numbers and passing them off to another processor might accommodate a Pulse Generator in excess of 999hz? Looking at the optimistic potential target of 150fps x 30 General Service Tasks (the limits specified in the Isadora preferences) an upper limit approaching 4500hz is suggested. I assume that is totally unrealistic, however as advances are made in computing machines you never know where it will lead. 

    Happy to be educated if I have got the correlation of this all wrong.

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