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    I recently read something about an FFGL plugin to integrate a processing sketch into resolume which allowed to control parameters of the sketch within resolume interface. 

    Is it possible to do the same in Isadora? 


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    I do not know of a dedicated plugin for the task however, I have done this using the OSCP5 library in Processing. Setting up OSC parameters in Processing that can be controlled from within Isadora using the OSC transmit actors. I don't have it running as a current project unfortunately but it is a usable workflow in conjunction with the Syphon library in Processing to bring the result back into Isadora.

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  • @bonemap 

    Oh I see. I recently used OSC listener to receive leap motion data via Processing. It worked like a charm! The leapmapper sketch is using the same OSCP5 library, I suppose. I should look into more of its functionality.

    So technically, the OSC transmit actor will send out data to the Processing sketch via OSCP5 and be able to control parameters from within Isadora. I should've guessed it can be vice versa! And then it will be a 2 way communication i;e manual controls from Isadora to Processing and back to Isadora via Spout.(am on windows btw)

    Thank you so much again for the pointer. 

    Cheers! :)