Feature request.. PUSH frame - while engine OFF

  • Tech Staff

    I play alot in izzy creating effect chains, masking etc.. however, they generally get too complex for realtime preview even if I drop down my render size.
    I would love a feature (key command ;) that pushes through enough cycles for 1 frame update.. this would help show current changes without having to risk starting the engine.

  • Hi DusX

    If you put a freeze between your "source" and your "effects", you can trigger grab to push one frame.
    All the processes after the freeze get calculated only when they receive a frame.
    I did a little screenshot

    Not a real solution but it maybe makes the trick.


  • Tech Staff

    Great thought.
    Going to have to work out some user actors for this purpose.
    A global option, like I mentioned would be a big plus for me, but this will work in the meantime, just a little more work with multiple sources.