Lanbox, High Sierra and MacBook Pro 2017

  • @bonemap I was connecting through Ethernet in my previous MacBook. And I want  to use LCEdit and lanbox passing DMX from Isadora.

    I have tried USB and ethernet but I didn't have success. 

    I do not understand why Lanbox doesn't update to use with High Sierra. 

    Anyway, I think Iam going to need one computer just to program LCEdit. 

    Thank you!

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    @rodrigofischer said:

    I do not understand why Lanbox doesn't update to use with High Sierra. 

     Hi Rodrigo,

    I have been using my Lanbox with High Sierra and also LCedit to access the configuration settings through a MacBook Pro 2015 

    I will have a look at what is possible on a MacBook that only has USB-c in terms of connecting in High Sierra and also Mojave.

    I believe the issue with Lanbox enterprise is that the principal developer passed away some years ago now and the estate has continued the sale and maintenance of stock but not further development of the platform. I could be wrong, but this is my understanding.

    Best Wishes 


  • @rodrigofischer

    Dear Rodrigo, unfortunately Bonemap is right, since the dead of the lanbox creator (ap. 5 years ago) there is nobody in charge of the project, only a society selling the products and a depository for the documents and software. His son tried to continue but a think its was too difficult to improve because all is based on old and underpowered processor and written in some old code. We can dream about an entirely OSC driven lanbox but it will stay a dream.

    Arrival of cheap dmx and artNet interface finished to kill it.

    Personally I continue to appreciate the possibility to have an independent, light and reliable box, external to my computer and keeping all my cues from several shows inside it. I can even leave it for installation with only tangible buttons to start and stop it.

    I begun to make in Isadora a User Actor able to command some things on it, changing cue, changing step etc. But to access deeper functions, as patching or recording cues, the only way is TCP/IP and Isadora is not the most user friendly programmer software for that. After trying with Max/Msp, I found TouchDesigner can do that. I have still integrated in my performance computer some elements able to do what I need, simple tasks as with midi plus some more complicated as repatching, recording steps with fade time and showing the state of the lanbox.

    I know that someone can be interested to it, but developing something distributable is another task. I work on it and, reasonably, I think to post a first solution around february, but without any guaranty! It will run on the free version of TouchDesigner and could be interfaced with OSC, so you can use it from Isadora.

    Long life to lanbox.


  • This web site might be useful:



  • maybe not the solution you want but you can check out this product as the lanbox seems dead.


    I have used them on a few productions and they were great.

  • The slow death of the LanBox is very painful, especially since the problem is software (LCedit). The lanbox is still the best interface out there in my opinion.

    I was hoping that maybe crowdfunding or open source or some other alternative could be considered. I have tried talking to them and there is just no response. 

    Please write to them if you are a Lanbox fan. Maybe with enough interest they will wake up.

  • @fubbi did you see the cue core unit? It is really quite good and even accepts midi and OSC out of the box, also the company Visual productions are very nice and responsive and have a great team of active developers, they take suggestions quite seriously, I have asked for a feature before (ability to send WOL packets from the unit) and it was implemented pretty quickly. I have them deployed in a theme park under mission critical conditions and they never glitched once. Is there something the LANbox does that this does not (not sure, only used a lanbox once and was not a fan of LCEdit.

  • @fred

    Unfortunately its not the same thing, beside the crappy LCedit interface, the possibilities of lanBox itself are really incredible: layers, transparency, loop, chaser, electrical input/output, Serial + midi + TCP/IP + UDP + DMX in and out, patching, curves. If Fubi create a fan club, I am in and I know people who are interested. As I say before, I am working on a improvement/replacement but I need some free time, perhaps during Christmas/New year time. I hope to publish something in February.

    Stay tuned.

  • @jhoepffner I know the cue core has layers, midi, loops, GPIO, TCP, UDP, OSC, Serial, Midi, Midi and SMPTE timecode, sACN, Artnet and DMX inputs, it supports POE, NTP time server sync and calendar scheduling out of the box too. It is not a lan box but I think it can do all the lanbox can (but I did not use a lanbox much) and if it cant there is a chance to expand functionality. You may be better of going with a product with a future than trying to revive a dead one, and the interface is actually pretty nice.

  • @fred

    I looked quickly at cue core and, yes, it doe what you say but not on the box and the bill is expanding very, very quickly. I will take a look more carefully and yes, is not question to resurrect a dead horse. But when you have it and you know how to do, its a perfect machine. cue core seems very proprietary in hardware and software.