Limit to number of OSC channels

  • What is the limit to the number of OSC addresses for OSC Transmit and OSC Listener?  I am trying to send 135 channels between computers using /isadora/# as the address, but I can only send from /isadora/1 to /isadora/100. If I send to /isadora/101, nothing is received at /isadora/101. I have attached a screen grab of a patch sending OSC data to itself.


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    That is interesting, because I posted almost the same question 2 months ago, and am still waiting for a reply. I managed a workaround so have not pursued the answer through a formal support ticket. Perhaps there will be some insight soon?

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  • @dritter @bonemap 

    I was going to say that Isadora map automatically adresses like "isadora/n" to listener port n from 1 to 100, and then you have to do it manually... But trying to do so, I saw the message box was saying these addresses are reserved from 1 to 999...

    So it seems there's a little bug here...

    However as workaround (maybe that's what Bonemap did), you can drop the "/isadora" part and assign the number in the stream setup window as follow

  • @bonemap xime Hello Maxime, yes, I tried that in the stream window a few days ago and got the same result regarding addresses 1-999. I do not want to re-assign numbers in the stream window because they are already assigned to 3 Kinect inputs (15 x,y,z channels per Kinect = 135 channels). I just want to test how well the system can handle continuous OSC input as if it was coming from the 3 kinects.