[SOLVED] triggering from "Float to Integer"...

  • Hi, sorry for asking something so very basic: My attempt to connect the output of a "float to integer" actor to the trigger of a "Float Counter" failed. The "Float counter" counts away as if there was no tomorrow... Is there any other simple way to get a "real" integer value I could use as a trigger? 

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    why don't you use a pulse generator? That would be much easier.

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    @tomthebom said:

    any other simple way


    Is this helpful?

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  • Sorry, I was a bit unclear. The background: My pupils need some snow and fire for a show we are making. My idea was to use  the texture map feature of the particle emitter from Marks workshop 2017/Berlin. (A texture file with 4x4 textures, 512x51pics etc...). A texture with 4x4 snow crystals, who are randomly chosen, was easy. The texture for fire looks better, if the 16 textures are presented in a sequence. This was no problem, until I realised, that that sequence should play forward backward.  I was wondering, how easy it would be, to set up a counter counting from 1 to 16 and back. It is there, where I decided to look into the triangle wave generator solution... I simply can not find a simple way to count up - and down! ??? 
    If one limits f.e the output of a wave generator between 1 and 16, the wave generator works more as a low pass filter: It counts from 1 to 16 and waits, until the wave generator has counted up to 100 and back to 16, before it counts down again...
    And the upper solution shows the wanted result, but I can not use it, because the integer value still gets updated as a float value...

    Here is how far I got. I am happy for any feedback and happy for sharing this ;o)

    particle fiddling.izz

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    This might help, although it is not as simple as it should be. I am using the 'Trigger Divider' actor to send an input to a Router actor that switches between adding and subtracting incrementally from the Counter actor. In this way the Counter increments to the maximum and then switches to reverse the count by subtracting to the minimum.

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  • @bonemap 

    Thanks a lot, I will look into this way later on in the day.
    I am a bit surprised, that there is no "native izzy" way. Would it make sense to add this way of counting as a mode to the counter actor?
    Thanks for the quick help! Best wishes, tom

  • 2 simple ways to achieve this (i think its what you're looking for) in the same patch:

    (edit: except the Float to Integer should be set to Round mode, otherwise you would never get to 16)

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    Thanks for the selector version! Nice alternative! :o)

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    same but different...



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    Another similar method:

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    @dbini said:

    simple ways to achieve this 

    It is so cool that you can come up with such an infinitely simple solution... bravo

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  • Cool, indeed. And wonderful to see the many possibilities, too.

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    @tomthebom said:

    Cool, indeed. And wonderful to see the many possibilities, too.

     In Isadora, there are nigh-infinite ways to skin a cat ;)