• Hi, all!

    I've been all day struggling to configure a Matrox tripleHead2Go Digital Edition (DVI connectors) with three projectors. I would appreciate any help.

    - Computer is a laptop Acer i7 with Geforce 920, which is compatible with the hardware, according to https://www.matrox.com/graphic...
    - Software was download from the web and installed. It showed a message saying "the installation was completed with errors", but I couldn't figure out which errors (there wasn't a clear report).

    - The Matrox GXM Quick Setup is using my onboard Graphics Card (see pucture bellow). Shouldn't it be using the offboard card?

    - I use a DVI/HDMI adapter to hook Matrox to computer. Could it affect performance?

    Many thanks

  • I believe I wasn't clear, sorry. I only have a single output, just one projector. The other two are blank. Matrox Power Desk doesn't give me any option like 1024x768 (3x1) as I expected.

    Best regards 

  • Hello,

    In setting position, Matrox software need real output. When you have prepared everything, you can choose your definition (like 3 X 1280x720 or 2 X 1920x1080) in windows settings.

    I am not in my studio but in the matrox software / Mode management you can choose what are the definitions you can find. You have a limited number of possibilities, so you have to deselect some as to select new ones. After that I connect the power of the matrox directly to a plain 5V USB.

  • Jacques, hi!

    Thank you!

    The issue was that matrox had not give me any 3x(something) option at the beginning.

    First I found out that my only HDMI port is connected to my motherboard, not my graphics card (it's a laptop). After that, I managed to create a new custom resolution, 2400x480, the only one that worked, which was a partial solution due to very low resolution. So I ended up with three projectors with 800x480 each.

    What I learned so far is that my laptop is not suitable for matrox.

    Best regards